Monday, July 18, 2011

Its been awhile~ part 2

tadah~ this is part 2 of my blog post.

2. 15km marathon for cancer society

After coming back from redang, i became determined to improve my stamina so i started running daily at bedok reservoir. I was actually quite proud of myself for sticking to my plans and running conscientiously every night. Although i may not be running fast, at least i made sure i completed the entire round before heading home. Actually its more of not having a choice cause run halfway also no shortcut to go home. After meeting up the rest on the first weekend after we came back, yong hong asked if i was willing to participate in the marathon next sunday as his friends and him couldnt attend it. i took up the offer since i haven't participate in one before. In the end, there was sarah, wendy, kah hwee, chester and myself who joined. Soon, we were all training ourself in one way or another.

On the actual day of the event, kah hwee was kind enough to drive all of us to the marathon at east coast park. After a short warm up session, the marathon started as the 15km runners were flagged off first before the 10km runner and finally the 5km runners. It was okay initially but gradually, i felt the strain in my legs as i went cycling the previous day. Its not an excuse though, im still a slow runner. zzz. As we ran further, kah hwee slowly went out of sight before sarah and wendy disappeared infront too. i was really grateful to chester as he was running with me and constantly encouraging me to go on. Once we passed the 11km mark, chester slowed down too and we were chatting as we strolled along the park. When we were reaching the finishing line, kah hwee, sarah and wendy were already waiting for us and they all pushed and ran with us will the finishing line. Thanks guys!!

After completing the run, we took a short rest before heading to the toilet for wash up before meeting yong hong to have lunch at katong laksa.

It was a really good experience since it was my first marathon. If there are further chances, i think i would probably joined a few more.

Till my next post.
Aaron =)

Its been awhile~ part 1

It has been a few weeks since my last post so i thought i should pop in to write about what has happened these past few weeks.

1. Redang Trip
Redang was an awesome getaway. We started our journey there with a long distance bus trip from luking. It felt like an overnight sbs bus service as passengers were alighting and boarding at different parts of the journey and the entire bus trip lasted around 9 hours. Most of us had difficulties sleeping on the bus as we were either too energetic or the air conditioning was too cold for us to bear. Midway through the journey, the girls started panicking because countless baby 小强s came marching out from the front seats where they were seating. In the end, the girls were tucking their legs up and trying to get some sleep while being in an awkward position. Poor girls. After reaching the bus interchange, we waited another few hours before the resort bus came to pick us up to transfer us to the nearby jetty. Soon we were boarding the ferry that took us to redang. As soon as we reached there, the view took all of our breath away.

After getting our keys and settling in our rooms, the getaway officially began. For the next few days, we were doing a cycle of events from snorkeling in the morning, to playing carom and then having lunch, then its back to snorkeling, before playing beach volleyball and more carom before finally having dinner. Although we were doing almost the same activities everyday, we were all having fun.

Personally, I really enjoyed myself throughout the trip. It was an escape away from the usual routine back at home and staying right infront of the beach was an awesome experience. However, i did have some minor regrets. I should have done more exploring around the place as there was a huge line of resorts down the beach but we were at our own resort most of the time. Most of the time, we were quite occupied with our own activities and we could have all played and talked more together. Once again, i didnt really talked much with the girls. Most of us did have a "heart tip-to-heart tip" session on the last night though. It was fun discussing each of our own preferences and seeing how different it was from my own.

Well, i think i have talked enough about redang trip so all in all, it was another unforgettable trip with my buddies.

ps: i took the pictures from charmaine and eunice album on facebook. Thanks (=

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trip to Redang

Just 3 more days to my getaway to Redang Island!!

Wahah, I have been looking forward to this trip for quite awhile as it has been a long time since i went overseas with my friends. Super excited can. Hahaha. Well, I dont really know what to expect for the trip but I'm sure it will be awesome and we will all have a good time.

Recently, I have went to donate blood for the 2nd time. My mum told me it was good for health and apparently, the body will generate new blood to replace the old one and it helps the body stay stronger. This time, I went in alone to donate and it felt pretty weird without any company inside. For awhile, I felt like a patient who was going through kidney dialysis. Anyway, I swore that the needle they use this time looks bigger than usual. And the nurse tried to slot it into the same hole as the one she used to inject the anesthetics. Even though I didnt feel anything but it was certainly intimidating and scary nonetheless. Hahah. At the end, I got a pink strap with little purple hearts. Shall upload the pic of it if I have the time.

Well, I am also meeting up the ns guys this friday evening for dinner as this is the first time they are booking out. Cant wait to hear the stories of life in army from them and the various things that have happened. Then saturday going to kallang leisure point to celebrate jessie's birthday. It seems that I'll have a busy weekend, ending off with the awesome redang getaway.

That's it for now i guess.

Till my next post.